Our ceramics are produced in the center of Portugal, where tradition meets sustainability.

Being Portugal a country with a strong connection to the land, and, at the same time, avant-garde, it became the perfect scenario for our dream. A dream that is built from day-to-day experiences, family gatherings and sharings.

Where perfection is found in the imperfect side of materials.


We work with recycled earthenware, produced locally. All our glazes are reused,and all our broken glazed ceramic are recycled and transformed. All used water is treated and reused in order to create a zero water waste. 


Our products are produced in Portugal, through a balanced process of advanced technoloy and artisanal work. The ceramic pieces are produced through the process of slip casting or press.  The pieces are then perfected, glazed and decorated by hand, in order to garantee the quality and singularity of each piece. These one-of-a-kind products are fired in a kiln, at high temperatures in order to provide resistence and impermeability to each item. After quality control, each piece is carefully boxed and shipped, from us to you! 

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