behind the scenes tália

Tália – Behind the scenes

Putting the idea onto the page

First mould

Inspiration. Ideas. Sketches. Designs.

From the drawings we move on to the development of what will be the mother piece. The piece that guides our way. Entirely handmade, with the appropriate tools, by experienced hands. And, from Dust, our Art is born!


From the mother mold we make the necessary and possible reproductions of our pieces. All our pieces are hand-finished to guarantee the uniqueness and perfection of each piece.

Glazing and Painting

Each piece is glazed and hand painted by our experienced painters.

Lets get cooking...

We use a 2 part cooking process. Before glazing the pieces so that the ceramic body is resistant, and after glazing to waterproof the piece.

and finally...

We do the quality control to ensure that you receive the best product possible. Each piece is packed, with care, with recyclable materials. 

Duo to the artisanal side of our production, all our pieces are unique, each one with its own singularities.

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